Tuesday, December 9, 2014

5 Questions for a Vegan- Brown Vegan

What can I say about Monique aka Brown Vegan?  I found her on Instagram and love her approach to transitioning her family to a plant based lifestyle.  She isn't pushy or preachy but just makes great foods that her family chooses over meat based meals.  So when she asked to interview me about being Vegan for her podcast I was excited and flattered.  During this 45 minute discussion, she helped me to realize that I had a voice in helping people transitioning to plant based eating and this blog was started as part of that conversation. Here are my 5 Questions for a Vegan- Brown Vegan.

1) How and when did you become Vegan?  "I became Vegan in 2010 after reading the book, Sistah Vegan by Breeze Harper"

2) What is your favorite "go to" meal?  "My favorite go-to meal is stir fry with rice.  I love that there are endless combinations of vegetables that I can sauté for a fast and delicious meal.  I usually throw together bell peppers, onions, garlic and vegan sausage for a quick lunch."

3) What product can you not live without?  "Canned beans!  They save so much time and I can use them in anything from tacos to soups."  Here's a recipe from her website for Rice and Beans

4) What was hard to give up to become vegan?  "Crab cakes!  Actually Seafood overall was a challenge for me". Monique's recipe for vegan crab cakes are so good you won't miss the crab meat.

5) What's your favorite Vegan restaurant?  "Great Sage in Clarksville, Maryland."

Thank you Monique for inspiring others to go Vegan and me to stop talking and start doing. 

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